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      上海 成立年份:2010




            上海奧高汽車技術有限公司 查看招聘中的職
            公司行業: 汽車及零配件 汽車及零配件 公司性質: 民營企業
            AutoGolf is the top-level integrated solutions provider in the automotive industry engineering consulting field in China. We dedicated to automotive design , Computer Aided Engineering, Engineering outsourcing services。Our CAE group offers Including vehicle Crashworthiness,, Durability , Seating safety, Interior and exterior design, Pedestrian protection, Occupant protection systems development, Vehicle External Flow analysis, Aero-Acoustics analysis ,Front-end airflow / Cooling air flow analysis, HVAC interior airflow assessment, Compartment comfort performance, Defrost and defog performance, Underhood & underbody thermal analysis and NVH .
            The AutoGolf CAD group offers comprehensive services, a complete range of CAD tools, and a wide variety of data transfer options. Including Class A Surface Modeling、Conceptual and Component Design、 Packaging/Feasibility 3D Solid Modeling、 2D and 3D Tolerance Analysis、 Kinematics, Interference and Tolerance Studies、 Manufacturing Feasibility Issues、 Assembly and Component Details。
            AutoGolf was founded for many world-renowned Automobile company (including SAIC, GM, FORD, Magna, etc.) to provide technical services. The company currently has outstanding professional CAD engineers and senior CAE engineers.
            At the heart of every successful organization is a dedicated team of individuals with vision and a common goal. The AutoGolf team, individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds in facilities located across the globe, is united by a common thread - discipline, drive and an intense desire to be the best.
            Whether it’s at the race track, an engineering center or a vehicle development facility, AutoGolf employees are committed to our customers’ success. With our winning combination of technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and a knowledgeable, dedicated work force, AutoGolf employees are continually challenged to combine experience and ingenuity to provide effective solutions.
            AutoGolf’s strength lies in our ability to effectively collaborate with our customers and our in-house technical experts. Our engineering services are complemented by the expertise of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen in a variety of related fields. As an example, in the past we have hired candidates for the following positions: Powertrain Engineer, Chassis Engineer, Calibration Engineer, Body Engineer, NVH Engineer, and CAE Engineer. We have also hired candidates to work on projects for our customers,
            AutoGolf provides our full-time employees with a comprehensive benefits program that includes a wide variety of plans.
            Send resume with salary requirements to:
            AutoGolf Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.
            Room 1012,V6 Building,No.16, No.155 Nong,Xinyuan Rd,Anting,Jiading District,Shanghai
            e-mail: hr@autogolf.cn
            URL: http://www.autogolf.cn
            公司網站: http://www.autogolf.cn
            地 址:上海市嘉定區安亭鎮新源路155弄16號V6時代1012室